July 12, 2016

Beginner's Guide to Writing a Song

Singing is a passionate art on its own; but songwriting is another story. Similarly, learning how to become a singer and how to write good songs are two different things yet they perfectly blend together. The best thing about being a singer and a songwriter at the same time is that it enables you to let your works come to life. Writing your own songs and being able to sing them is definitely an ultimate fulfillment because face it— it’s not as easy as one-two-three.

Here is how to become a singer and a songwriter at the same time:

1. Find a subject.

In order to write a good song, you first need to determine a subject that you feel like writing about. This will allow you to focus on a single theme, eliminating all the unnecessary things in the process. If you can’t find a subject, at least have a clear objective. Who are you writing the song for? What is the message you want to deliver?

2. Write the lyrics.

When writing song lyrics, write from your heart. The lines don’t need to rhyme nor be deep to become meaningful. As long as you put your heart to it, the lyrics can be as passionate as they can get. Also, don’t force yourself to write just because you want to get it over with as soon as possible. Writing songs take time to find the right words, keep that in mind.

3. Experiment with different melodies.

Once you get your chorus, give it a melody. It should be catchy and make the song easy to sing. Try different chord patterns that give life to what you have written. It is also important that you ask the opinions of other people to help you decide which melody suits your song best.

4. Put together verses, chorus, and melody.

Once you have laid out the ground work, it’s time to put together everything you have created. Arrange the verses accordingly, together with the instrumentals. It is during this process that you can make the necessary adjustments and changes to make your song sound better. If possible, keep the chorus distinct in a way that your listeners can easily recognize the song with it.

5. Record repeatedly.

If you still have not yet finalized what melody to accompany your song with, round down your options to a couple of patterns you deem best. Record your song repeatedly with these various instrumentals. You can begin with just the vocals and the guitars. This will also allow you to practice and master the song. If you want more information you can do a search online about this.

6. Give it a unique, fresh title.

Song titles must easily retain in people’s mind, if you want your work to gain popularity. It should summarize the song and its message. One-word titles are the strongest but it could also be a phrase from the song itself— usually from the chorus. If it is dedicated to a person, you can consider naming the song after that person.

7. Don’t sweat it.

Relax, the song will come around on its own course. Some songwriters even take years to come up with a three-minute song so let the process unfold on its own. Your creative juices won’t always produce million-dollar ideas and that is okay. Trust the process!


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July 10, 2016

Anatomy Of a Famous Singer

You might like singing more than you think. See this infograph of full anatomy to be a famous singer.


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